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Should You Schedule Regular Massage?

Let’s talk about the magic of regular massage and how it looks to shift from an occasional "nice-to-have-treat’‘ to a regular “treatment.” Massage is preventative health care a RMT can not diagnose but massage especially regular massage has a positive impact on your physical and mental health. If you already know the benefits of regular massage therapy and need to schedule an appointment, please check my calendar and book your next treatment.

Some benefits to Regular Massage are:

  • Stress Be Gone!: Regular massages can help regulate the nervous system by giving your very busy brain a moment of peace. As you go about your day your brain is taking in stimuli and reacting to it, and sometimes that response to stimulus can be a bit of an “overreaction”. If every time you get cut off in traffic, get a last-minute project at work, or some how have to be at both of your child’s soccer and ball game at the same time at opposite ends of the city your sympathetic nervous system is stimulated preparing you to fight or flee. When you’re in a state of fight or flight your muscles are going to contract or tighten to prepare for that fight or to run away. Being in a constantly prepared state your muscles don’t get the chance to relax which will eventually lead to pain. Massage is a different type of stimulus for your nervous system to respond to reminding the nervous system that you are safe and nothing bad will happen if those muscles relax.

  • Deep Restful Sleep: Massage is very relaxing so much so, I often have clients nearly falling asleep and on occasion fully sleeping during a treatment. But even if you do not fall asleep on the massage table you will likely have a better, deeper and more restful sleep that night. If stress is keeping you up at night regular massage can help or perhaps you would like to try a Craniosacral treatment. Craniosacral uses very gentle touch less than five grams of pressure works with the fascia surrounding the central nervous system to prompt the body to self correct. Some clients have said they have never slept as good as they have after a Craniosacral treatment. If you want to improve your sleep schedule a regular massage.

  • Headache’s Arch Nemesis: If you’re prone to chronic headaches or migraines, regular massage might be the superhero that you’ve been looking for. Headaches can have a variety of sources, but they can come from tight neck and/or jaw muscles. These kinds of headaches are common with desk workers, people who have the habit of clenching and/or grinding their teeth, people who spend a lot of time on their phone and people who do a lot of driving. Remembering to maintain a neutral jaw position (lips together, teeth apart with the tongue resting on the hard palate), doing chest opener stretches, and pain free range of motion will help keep you feeling better longer. But sometimes you need a little extra help managing your headaches and regular massage can do that.  

A gentle reminder that “regular” and “routine” is defined by you and is based on your availability, lifestyle, budget, benefits coverage, and goals. I never want to add additional pressure for you to come in more than what feels doable. For most people a massage every four to six ish weeks helps them feel their best, but I have clients I see every two weeks and others I see every three to four months because that is the routine that works best for them. I do recommend making the most of your benefits coverage, its purpose is to help you maintain your health and wellbeing, and I can direct bill to your primary insurance provider making it more convenient to use the coverage you’ve already paid for. Take time for yourself and make massage part of your routine.


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