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Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) offer a variety of personalized treatments designed to promote relaxation, physical wellbeing, and mental clarity. Our experienced team of professionals are committed to providing an exceptional experience that will help you achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and decreasing pain.

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Ashley LaRose


Ashley LaRose RMT NHPC. Ashley is a registered massage therapist and is certified in intraoral TMJ massage. After years of working in long term end of life dementia care, Ashley discovered a passion for understanding of how the human body functions. Her goal is to helppeople reduce their pain, to increase their mobility and to reach their goals. Ashley is trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage.

Ashley provides individualized treatments that are best suited to her clients; she has a skill for pivoting her treatments to provide the best quality care depending on patient need. Sometimes, that’s addressing a specific source of pain and/or injury and other times the most therapeutic treatment is an hour on the massage table where the client is able to let go of all their stressors for a moment and relax.

Ashley opts to treat as much of the body as possible allowing her to treat the source of the pain, the surrounding compensating muscles, help regulate the nervous system and interrupt the pain cycle. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients keep enjoy quality of life, and continue to do doing all of the activities they want to do, or need to do as long as possible.

Ashley describes her practice as therapeutic working hard to ensure her clients get the most out of each treatment and have to tools to maintain their progress in between treatments.  In her spare time Ashley can be found playing with her dog Amos, quilting, weightlifting, crocheting or listening to an audio book.

“I take an evidence based, holistic approach to treating pain. I work with the nervous system, utilizing the biopsychosocial frame work, to treat my clients as a whole and not a series of problems to solve. I use a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, favouring a moderate amount pressure. I believe regardless of what is being treated, massage should be enjoyable and not painful. I specialize in TMJ, chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries and stress management. I am passionate about massage and work hard to create a space where my clients feel safe, listened to and that their lived experience is believed


45 Minute Therapeutic Massage $70.00
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage $90.00
75 Minute Therapeutic Massage $112.00
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage $130.00


All Massage Therapy
Treatments offer Direct billing. 

GST is in addition to all appointments

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