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Treatment Options

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As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am a primary care physician. What does that mean? 
This means that I can run your routine bloodwork, do your PAP exam, take your blood pressure, diagnose your health condition, offer treatment, and monitor your health over time.  This also means that I can be your sole medical provider should you not be able to find a family physician.


Research shows that patients have better health outcomes with a comprehensive healthcare team. This means that you do not have to choose between an ND and an MD.  Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, and other healthcare professionals all offer unique expertise and it can be very beneficial for you to see multiple professionals concurrently.


Naturopathic Doctors excel in preventative care, and treating the root cause. Using these modalities below, we have helped to treat hundreds of patients and helped them heal. 


Below is a list of the treatments that I offer as a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Saskatchewan: 

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Traditional Chinese Medicine &
Botanical Medicine
Bloodwork and Labratory Testing
Physical Exams
Therapeutic Diet Counselling
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Naturopathic Counselling
Supplement and Drug Management
Lifestyle Counselling

Coming Soon

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B12, Glutathione,
and Other Injections

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IV Nutrient Therapy

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