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For people who want clear, smooth skin …


How would it feel to walk into a room full of new people, and not be bothered by it? 

The Skin Fix Guide is the simplest system for making dramatic changes in your skin.


...So you can go on living your life without itching, redness, flaking, and hiding your skin with makeup.

If you have a skin condition, maybe there are times when…


  • You feel anxious about meeting new people

  • You cut out whole food groups and haven't noticed improvement

  • You feel like you don't look professional

  • You are concerned about the scarring

  • Your skin changes with your cycle, or your cycle is so unpredictable that you have no idea when you will have a breakout

  • Your skin concerns cause you an unbelievable amount of stress and anxiety

  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of information online and don't know where to start

I can't wait for you to dive into...

The Skin Fix Guide


The simple, no B.S system for clear skin


Inside this guide, you’ll discover:


  • Which common products can help clear up your acne, rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis

  • How to support healthy skin aging

  • Which foods support hormone and healthy skin harmony and which foods disrupt it

  • How sweating and exercise can help and harm your skin

  • How to strengthen your gut health

  • How to lower inflammation : ie redness, itchiness, and pain! 

What is included?

  • A 3 day comprehensive meal plan to support a glowing, clear complexion.

  • 20+ skin fixing recipes 

  • You’ll get research-backed information on topics such as skin structure, moisturization and hydration, elimination, gut health, stress, hormones, and their unique effects on the skin

  • Skincare product ingredients analysis to help choose what is right for you. support a glowing, clear complexion. 

  • Dr. Larissa's Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask recipe

What People are Saying:

The Results

  • The guide was easy to follow and had great ideas

  • I enjoyed the diet, the ingredients are readily available and super easy and quick to put together

  • I’ve been trying to eat for my skin health, but all the information can be overwhelming. This is a great place to learn about key information and start taking my health into my own hands.

"Yes this guide was wonderful for me at this particular time in my life. it was so great to  make some positive changes with my mental health and my gut health as well as my skin health. I'm feeling like I'm empowering myself with making better health choices and improving my overall well-being. I want to be here for my kids as long as possible and as present as possible so recharging my body and fueling it in any sort of positive way is what I'm here for!"

  • I feel like the Skin fix guide was helpful for my skin. I felt like understanding the different parts of the skin and having the face masks, samples for cleansers and moisturizers and food guides were helpful to navigate ways that I could practically make changes in my daily life to improve my skin health.


  • I felt like my skin got better without a lot of negative side effects.


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Hi there! I’m Dr. Larissa Wheeler, a skin health optimizing Naturopathic Doctor. I can promise you that I know firsthand how challenging it can be to overcome skin conditions. I suffered with acne myself for over 10 years, so I understand how stressful, and confusing it can be to finally heal.


After much trial and error and using my knowledge of naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and medical education, I was able to heal. I stopped needing to hide my skin, was able to break up with makeup, and know how t handle occasinal breakouts when they arise. 


 I created The Skin Fix Guide to help others get the help that they need much faster than I was able to. And it's not just for acne, I tailored this guide with all skin conditions in mind. Looking at you: (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea!).

You deserve to feel your best, and you shouldn't need 10 years to do it. 


That’s why I’m so excited to share this Skin Fix Guide with you so that you can experience clear skin simply, effectively, and without worry.


Take control of your health and heal your skin.

The Skin Fix Guide is here
and available for


Click here to join me on the path to clearer skin for the guide to better skin. 


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