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Orange Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

I’ve created a delicious smoothie! This is a big feat as I am kind of known for bad smoothies… When working as a lifeguard, I would come to work with green, mostly brown, smoothies that were super nourishing but visually not the most appealing. In naturopathic school, there was no judgement about colour, but I certainly drank quite a few smoothies that weren't so tasty!

However! This smoothie is a wonderful orange colour. It tastes great – sweet and a little spicy, and has wonderful nourishing benefits. Plus it’s so simple!

I’d consider this for anyone who wants to:

1. Get another couple fruit and vegetable servings in their day

2. Has an inflammatory condition of any kind (acne, endometriosis, arthritis, IBD etc.)

3. Anyone experiencing nausea

Photo by Nature Zen on Unsplash

Here is the ingredient list:

- ½ of an orange peeled

- 2-3 organic carrots washed

- Half a thumb sized piece of ginger chopped (about a tbsp) – more of less will adjust the spiciness.

- Half a thumb sized piece of turmeric root (about a tbsp)

- ½ of an apple or ¼ cup apple juice

- 1 cup of greens optional (changes the colour from a nice orange, but does not dramatically affect the flavour)

- Water

- Ice

Blend in a high- speed blender until smooth and enjoy!

Enjoy this this weekend as a nice snack with some protein of choice or as an additional to any meal. Jared and I are going away for the weekend to reconnect and I am really looking forward to that! Tag me @wheelerwellnessnaturopathic on Instagram or Facebook and let me know what you think! In health, Dr. Larissa, ND


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