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Treatments for Eczema

I speak a lot about acne here, but that’s not the only skin condition. There are hundreds of skin conditions to dive into.

Today we will have a brief look at eczema!

What is it?

AKA Atopic dermatitis. An itchy skin condition. Red rashes on the flexor surfaces of your body: think knees and elbows – but can be anywhere. Root cause of this: inflammation! Typical Tx: corticosteroids and moisturizers

My Tx:

After treating eczema in clinic, I’ve noticed the following to be helpful: 1. Diet change: Some foods can be more inflammatory than others. I guide my patients through a specific food challenge or food sensitivity test.

2. Moisturizers: this is super important and non negotiable. I tried to treat a pediatric patient once where mom and dad weren’t wanting to moisturize, and this was a major obstacle to cure!

3. Omega 3’s: super great for internal moisturization and decreasing inflammation.

4. Oatmeal: oatmeal baths can be super soothing for itchy skin.

5. Stress management: stress can actually cause inflammation!

6. Homeopathics: for a few of my patients, homeopathic remedies have been key pieces in the puzzle to help clear their eczema. A carefully selected, individualized remedy in conjunction with other treatment can be really helpful – especially for kids.

7. Vitamin D: We can do bloodwork to assess for vitamin D status or any other deficiencies.

As always, if you need help navigating your eczema and want a personalized plan. Send me a message.

Be well,



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