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Baby Announcement

The Radiance Health team is excited to announce the arrival of their newest and littlest member! Chantelle Roberts and her husband welcomed their baby boy, Axel, to the world on May 3, 2024. Chantelle and baby are both doing well! She thanks everyone for their kindness and patience as she embarks on the journey that is “motherhood”.

Chantelle has found it beneficial to embrace a slower pace of life during the post-partum period. She has borrowed from a traditional practice called “sitting the month”, which is a common practice in many Asian and European cultures. It involves the mother staying home for one month (or longer) after giving birth to focus solely on her healing and caring for the baby while others care for her and the home. Specific cultural practices for “sitting the month” vary, but rest and good nutrition are foundational. All too often new parents feel pressured to “bounce back” immediately after birth and post-partum recovery is overshadowed by the need for productivity. Fellow new parents, this is a gentle reminder that there is beauty and wisdom in tradition. Honour rest and recovery when and where you are able. 

Other exciting news – Chantelle Roberts has successfully completed her licensing examinations and is now a licensed Naturopathic Doctor! Dr. Chantelle Roberts, ND is currently only seeing existing patients on Fridays, but will begin accepting new patients in the fall. Stay-tuned for practice updates.


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