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Inside this guide, you’ll discover:


  • Which common products can help clear up your acne, rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis.

  • How to support healthy skin aging.

  • Which foods support hormone harmony and which foods disrupt it

  • How sweating and exercise can help and harm your skin

  • How to strengthen your gut health

  • How to lower inflammation : ie redness, itchiness, and pain! 


What is included?

  • A 3 day comprehensive meal plan to support a glowing, clear complexion.

  • 20+ skin fixing recipes 

  • You’ll get research-backed information on topics such as skin structure, moisturization and hydration, elimination, gut health, stress, hormones, and their unique effects on the skin

  • Skincare product ingredients analysis to help choose what is right for you. support a glowing, clear complexion. 

  • Dr. Larissa's Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask recipe

The Skin Fix Guide

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